Prison Escape

Story Mode

  • • Player has to switch between both the characters and exit the facility. Each charcter has a specality like the robot can fight enemies while the kid can go into small spaces to open doors.

About the project?

  • • It’s a third person shooting game with 3 game modes. First is story mode in which the player must switch between two characters to escape a lab. Second is player versus player mode in which two players fight against each other. Third is tower defense mode in which two players fight against AI while defending their tower.

What did I learn?

  • • I learnt about AI with patrolling path that shoots, AI that shoots at sight, gun mechanics, possession changing between player, developed my traps, checkpoint system, ammo system, flickering materials, weapon changing, level designing and game modes.


  • • Make a narrative-based shooter game with character possession change.
  • • Develop AI and learn new blueprint skills.
  • • Improve older skills.

Challenges faced and how I overcame them.

    • I had a hard time getting around the AI with shooting the player at certain ranges.
  • Fix: I had to fix the angle of the perception sight and change the delay timer that was there between player getting sighted and then the AI starts shooting.
  • • Problems with the UI not showing the correct ammo count.
  • Fix: It was a problem with wrong variable being connected and miscalculation of ammo count.
  • • Player was unable to interact with the car and the exit location wasn’t getting updated.
  • Fix: I researched and made some changes in the exit location world location and disable the second character to sit in the car. I scripted it to spawn besides the primary character when he exited the car.
  • • There were minor problems in the level as there were too many meshes, so the level wasn’t optimized and was making the game lag.
  • Fix: To fix this I remade the level by decreasing the asset count and to get rid of the lag.


    • Player being unable to respawn with the gun.
  • Fix: Had to tell the gun blueprint to be spawned with the player after he dies by asking as a Boolean if the player has died or not. If yes destroy previous actor and respawn if not, then don’t destroy.
  • • Gun not getting destroyed after the player dies.
  • Fix: Make a Boolean if the player has died or not. If yes destroy previous gun actor and respawn if not, then don’t destroy.
  • • AI not moving even after being placed in nav mesh.
  • Fix: Bug in unreal engine in itself.
  • • Player unable to spot the bullet.
  • Fix: Changed the material and mesh size.

PvP Mode

  • • Each player will earn 20 points by killing eachother and the first one to reach 160 points wins the game.

Tower Defense Mode

  • • The goal of the mode is to survive the enemy waves and score points by killing them off. Both the players must work together and need to defend themselves from enemy waves. If they survive all the waves with out either of them dying the win.


  • 5 Weeks


  • Unreal Engine 4


  • Third Person Shooting and Splitscreen.

Skills I learned

  • Basic AI
  • Animation in unreal
  • Actor Pickups
  • Interfaces
  • UI
  • Game loop
  • Player management
  • Game state
  • Playtesting
  • Bug finding