Roblin Hood

About the project?

  • • Its a third person platformer game. In this game player is a goblin who is trying to sneak in a mansion and finding parts to make a massage chair for himself.This was group project with a team 20 people including me.

What did I learn?

  • • I learned about how to make game design documents, grey boxing levels, meshing rooms, making mood boards and working with other team members.


  • • Learn how to work in a team.
  • • Improve game design and level design skills.

Challenges faced and how I overcame them.

    • Designing a guest room that doesn’t look too empty or full of meshes.
  • Fix: I took feedback from all my colleagues and made some new iteration on the bases of the old and came with the final design that everyone loved.
  • • Making a master bedroom with a teammate.
  • Fix: I made an initial design on the basis of guest room and showed it to my teammate who was working with me. He gave his opinions on the design I made. Then both of us came to a final design and meshed it all together.


    • Player can use his ability when he was interacting in the shop.
  • Fix: Pause the player movements and do check before using ability if player is in shop or not. If yes don’t use ability. If no, then you can use ability.
  • • Player unable to cross tutorial AI.
  • Fix: Fix the collision of the AI or increase the space for the player to go around it.
  • • AI is only making sound effect and not moving.
  • Fix: Rearrange the AI blackboard to work.
  • • Player floating in the air.
  • Fix: Fix player collisions.
  • • AI is only looking at the player and not moving.
  • Fix: Rearrange the AI blackboard to work.
  • • Player wallet not updating.
  • Fix: Problem in the player UI for wallet wasn’t updating due to some mathematical issue and not updating it.


  • 6 Weeks


  • Unreal Engine 4


  • Third Person Platformer


  • Junior Designer (2nd Year University)

Skills I learned

  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Team-Working
  • Bug Finding
  • Playtesting

Bug Findings