Level Development

About the project?

  • • It’s a first person shooting game with different kinds of monsters that you have to shoot.

What did I learn?

  • • I learnt about how to make a level design document, playtesting, bug finding, meshing, basic and advance fundamentals of designing levels.


  • • Make a fun playable level.
  • • Develop level design skills.
  • • Make a level design document.

Challenges faced and how I overcame them.

    • The level difficulty was low.
  • Fix: I changed few placements of enemies and types. This made the level be a bit more difficult for the player to finish.
  • • Player and enemy getting stuck in the floor.
  • Fix:Changed their z-axis location and did the flooring again.
  • • Player unable to navigate in the maze.
  • Fix: Added few easy enemies and some resources to stray the player in that direction.


    • Boss room level change.
  • Fix: I hade a few changes in the final boss fight as it was getting a bit difficult for the player to kill the boss and other enemies.
  • • Trap room difficulty was too low.
  • Fix: I added few more traps in the trap room and made some changes in their time delays.
  • • Boss enemy not spawning properly.
  • Fix: Raised the height of the room and changed the z-axis location of boss spawn.
  • • Player is unable to cross acid pool.
  • Fix: Changed and added more floor tiles which can be used by the player to go across the pool easily .
  • • The long corridors are too plain.
  • Fix: Added some enemies and walls to make it like a zig zag pattern so its a bit more fun to play.

Playthrough, Pathway and Enemy Placements.

• >Green- Start, Red- End, Yellow- Pathway.


  • 6 Weeks


  • Unreal Engine 5


  • First Person Shooter


  • Level Designer

Skills I learned

  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Playtesting


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