Dungeon Explorer

About the project?

  • •Embark on a stealthy first-person adventure to the crypt. Solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and outsmart enemies in captivating environments. Navigate carefully, stay undetected, and unveil the secrets within.


  • • Learn about environment design.
  • • Learn more about different genre.
  • • Advance my visual coding and AI development skills.
  • • Improve game design, level design and bug finding skills.

Challenges faced and how I overcame them.

    • Checkpoint System.
  • Fix: When player respawned his old stats were not reset and all inventory items were lost. Tried fixing it, couldn’t do it. Divided the dungeon into 3 stages so even if player restarts he isn’t far from the end of the level. Also to optimize the game
  • • Dungeon Layout change.
  • Fix: The design look was bad. Rather than having an old simple straight hallway to cross through. After player feedback. Player now has a choice of which route to take. Right now it looks like 99.
  • • Door not opening after checking values.
  • Fix: A delay was added and a condition was made that if the value is not the same, the door won't open
  • • Beach Layout change.
  • Fix: Made it linear than how initially planned as it was being too big, lengthy and unable to be complete in the given time. Also changed from a forest to a mountain cliff area to give the player more complex movement path and verticality to the level.


    • Player can’t move when respawned- .
  • Fix: I went to each level blueprint and made set the player walking mode at begin play so whenever that level is loaded the player can move.
  • • Beach level no complex character movement.
  • Fix: Added verticality to the level and gave player the feeling of going in a dungeon area .


  • 8 Months


  • Unreal Engine 5


  • First Person Adventure


  • Game and Level Designer

Skills I learned

  • Basic AI
  • Actor Pickups
  • Interfaces
  • UI
  • Materials
  • Blueprints
  • Cinematics
  • Playtesting
  • Bug Finding